Silke Neugebohrn

Silke Neugebohrn

Senior Associate

Mrs. Silke Neugebohrn advises German clients on incorporations, corporate structuring and restructuring, labour issues and other legal aspects concerning their China investment.


She studied law in Adelaide, Australia, and Cologne, Germany, where she was also awarded a master's degree in business law (LL.M. oec).


Ms. Neugebohrn worked as in-house legal counsel for a publicly-owned company in Germany where she primarily dealt with contract law and regulatory compliance/ procurement issues before relocating to Beijing in 2010. Since 2012 Mrs. Neugebohrn has been working as an advisor in law firms and interdisciplinary consulting companies in Beijing, in her last position as head of China Corporate Services, where she gained a profound understanding of the different legal as well as practical aspects foreign companies have to consider when doing business in and with China.


Mrs. Neugebohrn speaks German and English fluently and is conversational in Chinese.


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call her at + 86 10 6590 7595 (ext. 807) or drop her an e-mail at


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