According to recent surveys of the German Chamber of Commerce in China, legal uncertainty, problems arising in context with protection of intellectual property and corruption continue to be the biggest challenges for German companies in China. In particular, the written law and the legal reality in China often differ strongly from each other.


With regard to those problems, the WZR team in China advises not only on Chinese law as such, but also on how it will be implemented by the Chinese authorities and courts, how to deal with the existing considerable gaps in the legal system, which regional peculiarities apply and how corruption risks can be avoided.


WZR China desk advises on following topics in particular:


  • Foreign direct investments in China
  • Representative offices
  • Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise - WFOE
  • Joint Venture – JV
  • Partnership
  • Restructuring
  • M&A in China
  • Other forms of market entry
  • Distribution from Germany
  • Cooperation with Chinese agents and  distributors
  • Licensing
  • Purchasing from Chinese  suppliers
  • Chinese Labor Law
  • Chinese Contract Law
  • Chinese Public Procurement Law
  • Chinese Company Law
  • Internal structure
  • Licensing requirements
  • Chinese Tax Law
  • Intellectual Property
  • Corruption prevention and Compliance
  • Direct investment and acquisition of shares by Chinese investors in Germany